About Us

On the Road of Life - A Short Story

I can remember being in debt up to my eyeballs.  The credit card companies were calling, my landlord wanted the rent money, and the Ford motor company wanted to repossess my car.  I swallowed my pride and moved back home to live with my parents amongst their failing marriage.  With my parents loaning me six hundred dollars, I was able to divert my car from getting repossessed, and find a part-time job with Dick's Clothing & Sporting Goods.  I'd work all day at Dick's picking up any overtime hours, and anybody's extra shift.  I was doing what it took to pay my folks back, and to pay off $20,000.00 I amassed in debt.  It just seemed like it was going to take forever to work off all the trouble I caused for myself.  And then one day at my parent's house my Dad seemed really stressed out about losing his job, his personal life, and these people that were calling about these Corvette hardtops.

Now I never really enjoyed working on cars or talking about cars because when I was younger my Dad had me help him restore his 1958 Corvette.  So when my friends were hanging out and having a blast, I was in the basement working on this 'stupid' car.  Anyway, on one particular day I walked into my parent's garage and saw about five of these Corvette hardtops lying around, and I remember thinking why in God's name were people sending these hardtops here.  You see, my dad would take me to the airport where he worked (and always had a few of these things lying around), and I would watch and help him fix those hardtops.  So since I grew up around these cars, it was easy for me to step right in and fix them.  I wanted to try and help my folks get their life back together, and so when I'd come home from working at Dick's at about ten o'clock at night, I'd begin working on these hardtops.  Once I'd get one hardtop done it always seemed like another one was coming in, and it was then that I realized that not everyone could do what I was doing.  The customers were two and three times my age, and I knew more about their cars and tops than them!  I didn't even quite realize it at the time, but this wasn't just going to be a hobby anymore.  I was able to pay off my entire debt in one year and at the end of that year I was back in school with a new attitude.  Suddenly I fully realized that I could take nothing and make it in to something!  I had the confidence and nobody or nothing could stop me!

By July of 1999, Glassworks was incorporated and we had expanded the operation from not only servicing Corvette Hardtops, but offering a complete line of Corvette window glass too.  Because at Glassworks, we are committed to delivering quality products and services to all of our customers, and are proud to offer you these products and services of what we feel we do the best.

Best Regards,

Matthew P. Kokolis
Glassworks, The Hardtop Shop, Inc.