Welcome to Glassworks, The Hardtop Shop!


How long before I get my parts order?
• Typically, customer part orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

How long does it take to get my hardtop restored?
• We keep very busy all year round. It is not out of the ordinary that a hardtop order can take 10 months to complete. It is best to contact us directly with any questions or concerns with lead times or the status of your hardtop order.

If I order a hardtop restoration what does it come with?
• A normal hardtop restoration includes the paint work, headliner, window(s), stainless steel restoration, frame repair, rubber weatherstripping, and the correct screws and rivets. Additional costs can be incurred if you require a custom part, paint, and/or missing items found on the hardtop.

If I purchase a hardtop outright from Glassworks what does it come with?
• A normal hardtop purchase includes the fiberglass roof skin, paint work, headliner, window(s), restored stainless steel moldings, restored original frame, rubber weatherstripping, header latches, and the correct screws and rivets.

My car didn’t come with a hardtop; can I still fit a top to it?
• Absolutely, we can supply you with a hardtop hold down kit.

How do I put a hardtop on my car?
• First, make sure you line up the rear hold down areas first (on the rear decklid). Then you’ll want to install the hold down bolts in the rear decklid finger tight (a couple of turns will do). Next, latch the front header latches to the front header of the windshield.

I’ve put the hardtop on but the latches are too tight, and won’t fully close.
• The front header latches have an adjuster plate to increase or release tension. Simply back of the front bolts that are holding the latches on, and slide the adjuster plate either up or down to create more or less tension. Then tighten the bolts back down.

I’ve installed my hardtop but the rear window is quite a bit off the back decklid of the car and/ or the header guide pins on the hardtop are over shooting the windshield.
• More times than not you’ll need to add a window shim or two to the front windshield posts. By doing this you’ll raise the front header of the hardtop and drop the back down. Also, you may want to look at the entire front edge of the windshield. There is typically a frame to body seal that sets between the front windshield and the body of the car. If that is missing: that could be your problem.

I’ve installed my hardtop and the header guide pins are just missing the front windshield.
• You may need to remove a shim from the under the front windshield post to slightly lower the windshield and allow it to align with the hardtop.

How do you store a hardtop when it’s not on the car?
• We suggest using a Glassworks Lift System so that you can remove and store the hardtop in the ceiling of your garage by yourself. The other proper way to store the hardtop would be to lean the hardtop against a wall with the front header resting with a soft blanket on the floor.

What other services do you provide?
• Glassworks also sells windows, does stainless steel restoration, and restores front windshield assemblies.

What if I have a question or concern with my hardtop?
• Contact us by phone, email, or see our You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/Glassworks1 for self help videos.